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A review of “Penang, the Fourth Presidency of India” April 2, 2013 – Posted in: In The News

by Looi Sue-Chern IMPORTANCE: Penang was more than just one of the Straits Settlement states under British rule, learns Looi Sue-Chern from an Australian author researching the history of Melbourne Driven by his ancestral links, Australian author Marcus Langdon began a search into Melbourne’s early history in the mid-1990s but his quest eventually took him  to Penang. While researching the history of the second largest Australian city, Langdon, 58, discovered that an early Melbourne pioneer…

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“Going back in Time”: A Review for Planter’s Bungalow March 3, 2013 – Posted in: In The News

Call it a consummate passion or, simply, a labour of love, but for the past five years, retirees Datuk Peter Jenkins and his wife Waveney have travelled through hundreds of miles of English, Scottish and Malaysian highways and laterite tracks, and shuttled between their Isle of Man and Pahang homes, to conduct countless interviews, pore over documents and eventually  amass 1,200 photographs. All this for a book called The Planter’s Bungalow: A Journey down the…

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