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Berthel Michael Iversen: architect May 13, 2020 – Posted in: In The News

Quick facts Intro Architect Was Architect Type Engineering Gender Male Birth 1 January 1906 Death 1 January 1976 (aged 70 years) The details Biography Berthel Michael Iversen (1906–76) aka B.M. Iversen, was a Danish architect active in Malaysia, and the founder of Iversen, van Sitteren & Partners. Most of his works were in Malaya (now Malaysia) and Singapore. He designed a large number of buildings in his Malayan home town, Ipoh. He eventually had offices in…

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Iversen: Architect of Ipoh and Modern Malaya May 7, 2020 – Posted in: Reviews

Review by Mark Hinchman Berthel Michael Iversen (1906–76) was born in Denmark, but his entire professional career played out in Malaya, where he worked from 1928 to 1966. For more than three decades, he was one of the major figures working to create a distinctive Southeast Asian architectural modernism. Examining his career offers a means of probing the specifics by which modernism flourished in the region. In this book on her father’s life and work,…

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