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Reviews for Tulila: Muzik Bujukan Mandailing April 30, 2014 – Posted in: Reviews

Tulila: Muzik Bujukan Mandailing. Edi Nasution. Penang, Malaysia: Areca Books, 2007. xx + 180 pp., photographs, maps, figures, musical ex., bibliography, index. ISBN: 978-983-42834-4-5, RM35.00. Tulila: Muzik Bujukan Mandailing (Tulila: Mandailing seduction music) is Edi Nasution’s Indonesian-language study of markusip, a disappearing, late-night, rural courtship tradition among West Sumatra’s Mandailing. In markusip, a love-struck pemuda (young man) braves nocturnal risks of the jungle to sneak up to a young woman’s dormitory (bagas podoman), where he leans his shoulder against its…

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The kampung house revisited April 7, 2014 – Posted in: In The News

Article by Farah Fazanna Zulzaha   Guests to the Rumah: An Ode to Malay House book launch took the time to enjoy the illustrations by London-based illustrator Ahmad Harun.   A BOOK of poems dedicated to traditional Malay houses has been launched. Penned by the cultural icon Tenas Effendy, Rumah: An Ode to the Malay Housepresents Tenas’ classic tribute to the Malay house alongside a lively English translation by Raimy Ché-Ross, making the work accessible to…

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Book brings memories of living in a kampung – Posted in: In The News

Letter by S. Sundareson, Petaling Jaya   I REFER to the article “The kampong house revisited” (The Star, March 25). The launch of the book “Rumah – An Ode to the Malay house” brings back fond memories during my childhood days. The book, which has poems written by Tenas Effendy, with English translation by Raimy Che’ Ross, is probably the first of its kind. A forward with an illustration by Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid, ­popularly…

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