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3 Feb 2018: Aesthetics in architecture February 5, 2018 – Posted in: Newsletters

Among the scientists, the architect is regarded as an artist; among the artists, the architect is seen as a scientist; in a cultureless surrounding, the architect is sought out as a culturalist – the person of reason in an irrational, and often unfair world. — Malaysian Institute of Architects It’s a pity most people tend to take architecture and buildings for granted — or overlook then completely — as they go about their fast-paced lives…

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20 Jan 2018: Penang Nyonya Colouring Book – Posted in: Newsletters

This book delightfully depicts the items typically found in a Penang Nyonya’s life and household in the early twentieth century. Colour these beautiful designs as you please, while learning about a unique culture. Grown-ups never truly grow out of the things which interested them as children, do they? Take colouring books for example. These days, such books are no longer regarded as belonging only to the realm of young readers. Though not exactly a recent…

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Al-Fatiha: Edi Nasution February 1, 2018 – Posted in: In The News

I have never personally met Edi Muhammad Yunus Nasution, better known as Edi Nasution, a Mandailing scholar and ethnomusicologist, even though I edited and wrote the foreword to his Tulila: Muzik Bujukan Mandailing (Areca Books, 2007), a study of Mandailing courtship and romance music. The closest I came to meeting him was during my last visit to Jakarta some years ago, but unfortunately, he was unwell. This was an omen of things to come. I…

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