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English books to inspire students June 15, 2015 – Posted in: In The News

ARECA Books has donated 280 copies of two English books to the Penang Education Department for the benefit of secondary school students. The books that themed Malaysia’s post-independence would be placed at the libraries of selected secondary schools on both the island and mainland. The two titles are The White Crocodile’s Tale: My Memoirs by J.M.B Hughes, and Giving Our Best: The Story of St George’s Girls’ School, Penang, 1885-2010 by Khoo Salma, Alison Hayes and Sehra…

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06 Jun 2015: The Babas June 8, 2015 – Posted in: Newsletters

This new edition is every bit as exceptional and groundbreaking as the original, rejuvenated with a lively and stimulating cocktail of text and illustrations narrating the origin, language, practices, festivities and character of the Baba. “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts”, so said Arthur Conan Doyle via his greatest creation, the super sleuth Sherlock Holmes.…

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30 May 2015: Mission Pioneers of Malaya – Posted in: Newsletters

This book pays special tribute to the incomparable legacy of the La Salle and Infant Jesus Institutes in Malaysia and Singapore. With the other Missions, they gave to our cities places of honour. — Keith Tan  The birth of the Mission Schools are an encapsulation of the very beginnings of formal education itself in the country’s history, including establishing the word which would come to represent schooling in Malaysia – escola. As Tan puts it, the…

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15 May 2015: Just for the Love of it — Popular Music in Penang, 1930s-1960s – Posted in: Newsletters

Hello reader, Just for the Love of it: Popular Music in Penang, 1930s-1960s is a fascinating and absorbing story of the evolution of the musical scene in Penang. This easy-to-read but very comprehensive book covers musical evolutions; musical communities; personalities and bands (featuring over 50 personalities including 14 legends and one-hit wonders); brief histories of traditional art forms like boria, bangsawan andronggeng; the birth of the Penang Wireless Society and the introduction of radio and television…

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