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A Magnificently Rich Tome on Early Penang March 28, 2014 – Posted in: Reviews

Review by Ooi Kee Beng of Penang – The Fourth Presidency of India 1805-1830, Volume One: Ships, Men and Mansions  There are several questions about the history of Penang that have bothered me for quite a while, satisfactory responses to which cannot be found in any Malaysian schoolbook. This is not strange, given how the significance of Penang has been played down since independence for nationalistic reasons; and how national history has successively been caricatured to…

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Book by cultural icon pays tribute to the traditional Malay dwelling – Posted in: In The News

Article by Farah Fazanna Zulzaha Lat (left) and Areca Books founding partner Abdur- Razzaq Lubis sharing a moment to read Tenas Effendy’s newly launched book of poems.   A BOOK of poems dedicated to traditional Malay houses has recently been launched. Penned by the cultural icon Tenas Effendy, Rumah: An Ode to the Malay House presents Tenas’ classic tribute to the Malay house alongside a lively English translation by Raimy Ché-Ross, making the work accessible to new…

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