Sponsor A Book

Areca Books is always interested to develop creative partnerships with individuals and corporations who wish to be associated with knowledge projects. We offer our sponsors an opportunity to support creative talent and nurture the growth of Malaysia’s arts and heritage. To view our corporate mission, click here.

Areca Books has a reputation for generating positive social impact in the following ways:

  • Our publications are referred to, discussed and celebrated
  • Our book launches are warmly anticipated, well-attended, and fondly remembered
  • Our publications garner reviews in the press and in academic journals
  • The books themselves have a long shelf life in book stores, in libraries and private collections, often being displayed proudly on the ‘coffee table’

If you would like to sponsor a book, write to us at arecabooks@gmail.com or use this Book Sponsorship Form.

Current forthcoming titles that are in need of sponsors:

1. ‘Kadalukku Appal’ (Beyond the Sea)





2. Mak Yong, World Heritage Theatre





Sponsoring Areca Books’ publications can be explored as a strategy to fulfill corporate social responsibility goals while enjoying the benefits of enduring sponsorship recognition, through the following ways:

  • Sponsor’s name and logo on the title page or credits in the acknowledgements page of the publication, in collaterals such as exhibition stands, banners, invitation cards, flyers and bookmarks, as well as on the Areca Books website and on e-marketing materials. Logo placement correlates with level of sponsorship.
  • Sponsor profiling and participation in our press conferences and book launches. These events offer excellent networking and marketing opportunities.
  • Complimentary copies of the books to be used as corporate gifts, or to be endowed to public libraries and school libraries.
  • Special editions with a corporate message by the sponsor can be arranged.

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact us.