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08 May 2015: Born in Malaysia – A Photographer’s Journey May 18, 2015 – Posted in: Newsletters

I felt compelled to rediscover the land of my birth. This journey of discovery would take me across the length and breadth of Malaysia. Trips to visit places I knew as a boy would be   lled with apprehension…would it be as I remembered? Would it even be there? – Kenny Loh Although looking for all intents and purposes like your typical colourful photographic journal, Born in Malaysia: A Photographer’s Journeyis, for the most part,…

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30 April 2015: Redoubtable Reformer – Posted in: Newsletters

The life of Cheah Cheang Lim as a spokesman for change is an inseparable part of Anglo-Chinese Malayan history. In Francis Cooray’s story and Khoo Salma Nasution’s account of socioeconomic transitions in Perak and Penang, we are reminded of some of the transnational factors that laid the foundations of modern Malaysia. Both the outline of one man’s life and the well-researched study of what made him a tireless reformer deserve to be read by all…

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24 April 2015: Malacca Style – Posted in: Newsletters

Without roots it is impossible to embrace universal values. But belonging is not synonymous with conservatism; on the contrary, it is the prerequisite to modernity. Knowledge of local traditions is vital to producing today’s style – Serge Jardin Although the reader is forewarned that Serge Jardin’s colourful tribute to Malacca is “not a book about culture and history”, it indirectly raises questions which have piqued the curiosity of people worldwide – have historical and cultural identities been vastly…

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16 April 2015: Artistic – Who I am is how you choose to see me – Posted in: Newsletters

Frankie would draw, and I would speak. He would dance, and I would sing. Art is his vessel, and I am his voice; we co-exist. – Angelina Lim This week’s featured book, Artistic — Who I Am Is How You Choose To See Me may be short on words, but it is about many things. It is an insight of sorts into the mind of a special person. It is also about the special bond…

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