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The King’s Chinese: how Penang’s ‘Grand Old Man’ Yeap Chor Ee went from penniless barber to one of Asia’s richest men November 18, 2019 – Posted in: In The News

by Zoe Low Chinese migrant Yeap Chor Ee became one of Malaya’s most prominent men His story is being told for the first time by his great-granddaughter When Yeap Chor Ee left his hometown in southern China in 1885 to seek his fortune in Southeast Asia – then known as Nanyang, or the southern seas – he was just one of 125,000 people fleeing a land struck by famine and rebellion. By the time of…

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WU LIEN-TEH The Father of Modern Medicine in China November 14, 2019 – Posted in: In The News

Koh King Kee This article first appeared in our February 2013 issue.In celebration of our 10th anniversary, we put together for you in this issue some of our most memorable articles. Virtually unknown to most Malaysians, Penangite Dr Wu Lien-Teh was a highly respected epidemiologist and plague fighter in the international medical fraternity. His life story and his heroic feats remain the stuff of legend. Born in Penang in 1879 to a family of immigrants from Taishan,…

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Lessons From My School: A memoir of Malaysia’s missions schools – Posted in: In The News, Reviews

Noel Wong @ FMT Lifestyle -November 13, 2019 7:00 AM Since their establishment during colonial times, mission schools in Malaysia have long garnered a reputation as institutions of learning with high standards that consistently churn out quality students. Just mention that you are a student of Catholic High School or Methodist Girls School or Convent Bukit Nanas or La Salle School and immediately, people’s expectations of you change. Hundreds of thousands of Malaysian students have passed…

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