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Uncertain fate for Penang’s magnificent colonial mansions July 2, 2018 – Posted in: In The News

Say “Penang heritage” and most of us will think of George Town’s shophouses and Chinese mansions (such as the well known Blue Mansion). But there is more: up to the 1950’s, a number of imposing colonial houses, “castle-mansions” and bungalows have sprouted around the old town. Some of these buildings housed the top ranks of the colonial staff or offices, others were built for banks or local tycoons who had accumulated wealth as a result…

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Sharing his love of charming colonial buildings – Posted in: In The News

PENANG’S colonial buildings have been immortalised in a book titled ‘The Penang House and the Straits Architect 1887-1941’ by author Dr Lim Sun Hock. The book traces the work of the state’s European architects who created the magnificent and classic architectural structures on Penang island during the colonial age. “My passion for these magnificent buildings started with Heah Hall at 65, Rangoon Road. My uncle Heah Joo Seang, a leader of the Straits Chinese, built…

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