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Reclaiming Nature and the Planet for All May 28, 2018 – Posted in: Reviews

Sustainable development has for some time animated discussions on growth, development and the future of the mankind in many quarters. Yet, for all its thrust and parry it has received little attention in policy formulations. The stranglehold of neo-liberal economics and their protagonists is too strong within the corridors of power for alternative arguments to find space outside seminar halls. M Nadarajah shifts the focus of alter-native thinking—from sustainable development to sustainable cultures of living…

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Traditional Wisdom – Posted in: Reviews

“Scholars and researchers have documented how traditional societies have managed their natural resources through their cultural practices. Many have now advocated the application of traditional wisdom in the area of natural resources management, conserving bio-diversity and thereby  address the issue of sustainable development. “Living Pathways”, has contributed to the present reservoir of knowledge in a simple, lucid way, with associated photographs and rich references.” D.K Budokoti Development Consultant (India) This review first appeared in…

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Living Pathways: A Cosmology of the Possible – Posted in: Reviews

In recent times, the search for sustainability has become imperative for the survival of human beings and other species. Why? Nadarajah’s book offers deep insights worth engaging with at both personal and political levels, as he offers an orientation from the point of view of socially-engaged spirituality, staying away from the business-as-usual models of sustainable development. It made me reflect. Homo sapiens have been blessed with everything in abundance in nature by the Creator to…

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There is No Better Time for This Book – Posted in: Reviews

After reading Living Pathways, my first response was “This book should be placed in the hands of every head of state around the world.”  Clearly, deeply and beautifully, M. Nadarajah brings us face-to-face with of the most pressing global issue of our time: the urgent need to take responsibility for the precious resource belonging to all of us, our Mother Earth. I love how Nat takes us on his path, as he talks with villagers, academics, elders, and politicians.…

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Rarely Writings Combine the Spirit and the Body – Posted in: Reviews

The first thing that struck me about this book, when it came to me for a review, is its visual appeal. It is layered with photographs and graphics which have, not so obvious, resonance with the themes and textual content of the book. It is pleasure to leaf through a book which has an excellent layout and design; a rarity I think for books engaging with a thought provoking issue of where humanity is headed.…

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