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Berthel Michael Iversen: architect May 13, 2020 – Posted in: In The News

Quick facts Intro Architect Was Architect Type Engineering Gender Male Birth 1 January 1906 Death 1 January 1976 (aged 70 years) The details Biography Berthel Michael Iversen (1906–76) aka B.M. Iversen, was a Danish architect active in Malaysia, and the founder of Iversen, van Sitteren & Partners. Most of his works were in Malaya (now Malaysia) and Singapore. He designed a large number of buildings in his Malayan home town, Ipoh. He eventually had offices in…

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Pages from the past May 3, 2018 – Posted in: In The News

DRIVING into Seberang Perai is almost like entering a different state altogether. The casuarina trees that pepper the coast of Penang as you head towards the iconic bridge fades into the silhouette of the hills that cradle the island. Warehouses, large but low concrete buildings, and blocks of shophouses greet you in Seberang Perai, the strip of land often referred to as “the mainland” by Penangites. It is a world apart from the giant trees…

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