A Nyonya Inheritance



A Nyonya Inheritance features 35 ‘ho chiak’ traditional Penang Nyonya recipes. The recipe book was written by Pearly Kee, a Nyonya and descendant of Kee Lai Huat, a sugar baron and the founder of the small Penang town of Sungai Bakap. Along with the recipes, Pearly provides personal anecdotes, cooking tips, and full-colour pictures of meals and ingredients.

Editorial Reviews

“Pearly is double fortune: she is authentic Nyonya plus she has all the tips and tricks for easy and successful cookery” Rebecca Varidel, Inside Cuisine

“[Pearly] takes you on a journey with her stories, which reveal an amazing knowledge of local dishes as well as local ingredients and their health benefits. Her recipes are balanced and delicious.” Katrina Pizzini, Pizzini Wine

About the Author

Pearly Kee is a fifth generation Penang Nyonya and well-known food ambassador for Penang. Her popular Nyonya cooking classes have attracted students from all over the world, drawn by her cheeky, feisty style. She has also appeared on numerous cooking programmes aired throughout Asia, showcasing the best of Nyonya Cuisine.

Table of Contents

My Nyonya Inheritance
Nyonya Cooking Tips

Sambal Belachan
Assam Hae
Kari Hu
Sambal Goreng
Chien Chuan Hu
Assam Pedas Prawns
Sambal Udang
Curry Kapitan
Hong Bak
Inche Kabin
Beef Rendang
Ngoh Hiang Lor Bak
Tau Eu Bak
Crispy Chun Pneah
Bak Char Rempah
Kari Kay
Achat Awak
Kerabu Bok Kua
Jiew Hu Char
Kerabu Kay
Pineapple Patchree
Mixed Vegetable Curry
Sambal Ladies Fingers
Char Chap Chai
Pie Tee
Egg Belanda
Rice and Noodles
Kerabu Bee Hoon
Nyonya Fried Rice
Assam Laksa
Nasi Ulam
Sneah Jit Mee
Masak titik
Kiam Chai Ark

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