A Tapestry of Baba Poetry (4th ed)

Johny Chee
2015. Johny Chee and Lim Poh Keng
Fourth Edition
Softcover, 20.9cm x 14.8 cm, 156 pages
20+ pages black and white/colour photographs and images
CD included
ISBN: 9789834291211


Penang Hokkien is, by and large, Baba Hokkien. It differs from the original Hokkien dialect in terms of the pronunciation of certain words, its intonation and some aspects of its vocabulary. But although it may originate from Penang, the dialect and varieties of it are either spoken or understood as far as Phuket in Thailand and Medan in Indonesia. This book is on Penang Baba rhymes, but only the first portion of the book is dedicated to traditional or authentic ones. The greater part of the book comprises the author’s own poems and rhymes, written along the lines of the Penang Baba style.

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Editorial Reviews

“Interesting yet illuminating, entertaining yet enlightening  – a literary encounter to feast the eyes. A book meant for everybody – of all ages and standings in society.” Dato Tan Gin Soon, Vice President, The State Chinese (Penang) Association

“It is not just poetry in motion but Penang Hokkien in action. One is treated not only to a repertoire of Baba rhymes but an ensemble of quaint words and expressions peculiar to the Penang Baba tradition.” Michael Cheah

About the Author

Brought up in a typical Penang Baba Family, Johny Chee recieved his education in the English medium. After completing his studies in the Penang Free School, the oldest English institution in Southeast Asia, he went on to earn credentials from University Sains Malaysia, the University of London and the University of Malaya. Interested in the arts, humanities and the social sciences, he eventually went on to become a teacher of English.

Table of Contents

The Fourth Edition
A Reader’s Response
The Pronunciation System
Section 1: Authentic Penang Rhymes and Ditties
Section 2 (Part A): Baba Rhymes Ditties and Poems
Section 2 (Part B): The World of the Peranakans

Dimensions 20.9 × 14.8 × 1.3 cm