Street Eats: Penang


Jodi Hinds
2019. Miku Books.
Hardcover, 18.6cm x 13.1cm, 112 pages
ISBN 9789671765708


Jodi Hinds is an award winning food photographer based in the UK. She has worked on numerous cookbooks and publications, narrating food stories and documenting the artistry of the chef behind each dish. Her work, as can be seen in this book, reveals a love of texture and form, a celebration of good food and rigorous attention to detail.

Food is the mainstay of what I shoot; it’s the social, soulful, creative side of food that I’m arrested by – how food affords such endless combinations of shapes, textures and flavours. As well as what food does for friendships, family mealtimes, dinner parties, joyful celebrations, daily sustenance – it isn’t about just surviving but flourishing and thriving – in short, it makes life delicious. Jodi Hinds

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