Impressions: George Town

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Howard Tan
2019. Miku Books.
Hardcover, 18.6cm x 13.1cm, 112 pages
ISBN 9789671765715


Penang-based photographer and artist Howard Tan’s love for the visual arts was inspired by the countless movies he has watched. His instantly recognisable photos of Penang, featured in this book, evoke an unmistakable timelessness inspired by dilapidated buildings, everyday people, street life, the island’s tradespeople and wandering cats.

My photography has always been heavily influenced by my childhood in George Town and Taiping. My style could be described as nostalgic, although I tell people that this is my nostalgia, it will be different from yours even though we may have grown up in the same place at the same time. Howard Tan

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Dimensions 18.6 × 13.1 × 1.4 cm