Scientific and Technical Knowledge

Norfarizah Mohd Bakhir
2017. USM.
Softcover, 24.1 cm x 16.5 cm, 73 Pages
ISBN: 9789674611958


Scientific and Technical Knowledge in Preserving Local Culture explore the subject of local wisdom that focus on the use of technology as a medium for art and heritage conservation. It is important to ensure the sustainability of the resources, tangible and intangible culture in the future. Most local wisdom knowledge is transferred orally from one generation to another, and through this process, a lot of local cultural heritage have been lost. In many cases, Malay local wisdom which includes knowledge, beliefs, values, practices and teachings in the past and the present is unique to the culture and society. This knowledge should be explored and the research on preserving heritage through technology should focus on the importance and effectiveness of the use of technology and its relationship with the younger generation.

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