Mission Pioneers of Malaya

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Keith Tan
2015. Taylor’s Press.
Softcover, 25.5cm x 21cm, 192 pages
Fully illustrated
ISBN 9789670173238


The origins of the very earliest schools in Malaysia and Singapore are traced in this ground-breaking publication, Mission Pioneers of Malaya, which serves as a prequel to the companion book  Mission Schools of Malaya by the same author. In this new, in-depth study, the origins of the Mission Schools are traced back to the 16th century Portuguese Mission in Malacca and then explained via the study of twelve landmark institutions of both Portuguese and French origin, which formed the backbone of English-language education in Malaysia and Singapore for two centuries. Containing over two hundred images of major buildings that once set the tone for education throughout Southeast Asia, this book completes the architectural study of Malaysia’s Mission Schools that began with the Mission Schools of Malaya. This book pays special tribute to the incomparable legacy of the La Salle and Infant Jesus Institutes in Malaysia and Singapore. With the other Missions, they gave to our cities places of honour.

About the Author

Keith Tan was born in Malaysia in 1972. He was educated at St. John’s Institution in Kuala Lumpur and then at the University of Nottingham in England where he earned a Master’s Degree in Architecture. He worked as an architect in the UK and Malaysia from 1999-2006.  He joined Taylor’s University as a lecturer in Architecture in 2006.

Table of Contents

One: Introduction

Two: Straits Mission

Three: La Salle Institutes

Four: Infant Jesus Convents


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