10 Malay Folk Songs

Arrangements by Toyohiko Fukuoka
Translator (Japanese): Toyohiko Fukuoka, Masako Nagata, Yoshiko Fukuoka & Tomoyoshi Fukuoka
Translator (English): Cynthia Kam, ML Ho & R. A. Aziz
Editor: Razak Abdul Aziz

2014. Kim Suppliers and Services.
Softcover, 29.7cm x 21cm, 76 pages
ISBN 9671233702


Toyohiko Fukuoka received some cassette tapes of Malay folk songs from a member of the Japan Malaysia Cultural Exchange Society in 1994, and he transcribed the melodies and composed the piano accompaniment. Fukuoka sought help in understanding the Malay lyrics and subsequently translated the text into Japanese. He collaborated with Prof. Shuji Kozakura and Dr. Razak Abdul Aziz to have these arrangements of Malay folk songs to be printed.


  1. Introduction
  2. Biography of Toyohiko Fukuoka
  3. Drawing entitled Music by Toyohiko Fukuoka
  4. Score
  5. Rasa Sayang, Eh!
  6. Jong Jong Inai
  7. Burung Kakak Tua
  8. Gelang Sipaku Gelang
  9. Trek, Tek, Tek
  10. Ikan Kekek
  11. Katak Lompat
  12. Lenggang Kangkung
  13. Dayung Sampan
  14. Tanjung Katong
  15. Translation of lyrics into English and Japanese
  16. Rasa Sayang, Eh!
  17. Jong Jong Inai
  18. Burung Kakak Tua
  19. Gelang Sipaku Gelang
  20. Trek, Tek, Tek
  21. Ikan Kekek
  22. Katak Lompat
  23. Lenggang KangkungCopy to a new draft
  24. Dayung Sampan
  25. Tanjung Katong
  26. Bibliography
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