Till Debt Do Us Part: The Growth of the Global Banking Industry and Its Insidious Effects

Mohd Nazari Ismail

2018, University of Malaya Press


IBSN 9789674880507


This book provides a timely reminder of the problems created by the indebtedness of
individuals, corporate entities and countries. It traces the history of the “debt for profit
industry” to provide a substantive context for the ensuing discussion, which includes
the cyclical economic crises that occur regionally and globally. The analysis goes into some
detail regarding the recent crises in SE Asia, Argentina, Africa and many other countries,
clearly linking the occurrences with the increasing mountains of debt being incurred.
The book also considers the impact of hyper-competition on the growth of debt as well as
looking at the role that Islamic Banking could or should be playing as a viable alternative.
This well-written and well-researched book opens the door to both reflection and further
rigorous research in order to establish viable alternatives to the current debt-based global
banking system, which appears to be spiralling out of control. The genie is already out of the
bottle; what we can do, however, is to understand better what is happening and to use our
knowledge and appreciation of the situation to create an environment of understanding that
will help contain and mitigate the terrible consequences of excessive debt. Till Debt Do Us Part
helps to guide us along the right path.

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