The Seladang

Mohd Momin Khan.
2014. ITBM.
Hardcover, 22.2 cm x 22.2 cm, 193 Pages.
ISBN: 9789674303600


The Seladang was said to be highly  vulnerable and would become extinct before the Sumatran Rhinoceros. Herds of seladang disappeared even in well-protected areas. The species was brought into captivity after much effort by the Malaysia Wildlife Department’s director-general, his wildlife rangers and officers. It was more difficult to care for than the elephant because of its highly-strung nature. Little calves were captured after several adults were lost. Wildlife rangers stayed with the babies day and night.

The young survived and grew to maturity, and started to reproduce. Adult captive seladang produce one young a year and captive management has become routine. An adult male weighs up to 900kg and a female 600kg.

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