The Secret of Sugar

Dr KS Vasan Suppiah
2019. Self published.
Softcover, 21 cm x 15 cm, 287 pages
ISBN: 9789671747308


Did you know that when the New York City public schools reduced the amount of sugar in their lunches and breakfasts, their academic ranking increased by 15.7%. Previously the greatest improvement ever seen had been 1.7%.

Do you know the 56 different names of sugar?

Do you know how many teaspoons are equivalent to 1 gram of sugar?

Do you know that the food industries go to great lengths to figure out what makes users crave their products?

Do you know what the daily recommendation of added sugar is for men and women?

Does sugar fuel cancer cells?

The tips and heartbreaking facts that you are about to read about in The Secret of Sugar are answers to everything you have ever wondered about sugar. (But were afraid to ask!)

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