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The Chinese in Penang: A Pictorial History 槟榔嶼华人:史图錄


Tan Kim Hong
October 2007. Areca Books
Hardcover, 28.8cm x 25.9cm, 235 pages
700 illustrations, black/white and colour
Bi-lingual (English and Chinese)
ISBN 9789834283476

Spanning over 200 years, this illustrated history describes the early immigration and population growth, social organisations, economic activities, political orientation, schools and education, as well as religious life of the Chinese in Penang, Malaysia. The book contains around 700 illustrations, including vintage photographs, epigraphic materials, historical documents and maps, making it a visual feast for those interested in the history of the Chinese overseas.

跨越了200多年,这本书介绍了槟城华人的早期移民和人口的增长,社会团体,经济活动,政治倾向,学校和教育,以及宗教生活。本书包含了大约700张插图,包括一些老照片,碑铭资料,历史文献和地图,让那些对中国历史有兴趣的爱好者提供一场视觉盛宴 (In Chinese)

Editorial Reviews  (编辑点评)

“Well-edited and researched…this book offers interesting insight to the growth of the Chinese community in Penang.” Dr Lee Kam Hing, The Star


‘The Chinese in Penang: A Pictorial History is an important contribution to Malaysian history and therefore should be of interest to all Malaysians, old and young.” YB Dato’ Dr. Toh Kin Woon 

槟榔嶼华人:史图錄对马来西亚的历史作出了重大的贡献, 因此,这本书应该会让男女老少产生兴趣’. 拿督杜乾焕博士

About the Author  作者资料

Tan Kim Hong is a local historian residing in Penang. Formerly a secondary school administrator and an academic member of public and private institutions of higher learning, he has published and edited works on Chinese Malaysian politics and socio-economic change in Penang including histories of the Labour Party of Malaya, the Goddess of Mercy Temple, the Chinese Town Hall and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.





Table of Contents  (目录)

Message   信息
Preface     前言
Chapter 1: Early Immigration and Population Growth    第一章:早期的移民和人口增长
Chapter 2: Social Organizations                                         第二章:社会组织
Chapter 3: Economic Activities                                           第三章:经济活动
Chapter 4: Political Orientation                                          第四章:政治倾向
Chapter 5: Schools and Education                                     第五章:学校和教育
Chapter 6: Religious Life                                                     第六章:宗教生活


Official book launch of The Chinese in Penang: A Pictorial History    (槟榔嶼华人史国录新书发布会)