Songs for Shooting Stars: Mystical Verse

Ghulam-Sarwar Yousof
2011. Lauriat Press.
Softcover, 22.8 cm x 15.2 cm, 42 pages
ISBN: 9781434986139


Songs for Shooting Stars provides vivid snapshots of the life seen and nature as its diverse manifestations. This feature, while lifting consciousness to the surrounding beauty of all creatures, something which is often ignored and neglected in the hustle and bustle of this space-age life of ours, underlines mankind’s place and unique status in the midst of Creation.

Bridging the inner and the outer, the verses are left with plenty of space for readers to interpret and find what they seek and want. They speak of everlasting desires to transcend and explore beyond cosmic borders or man-instituted boundaries, and echo inexhaustible endeavors to ascend and explore higher stages of existence from the infinite to infinity.

Ghulam-Sarwar Yousof’s mystical verses are educating and entertaining, but above all they are enlightening. They open windows to timeless perceptions and bridges over infinite dimensions to approach the Absolute Unity. Ghulam’s mystical verses address all hearts. They speak of longing for the Eternal Soul and departures on an everlasting journey of self discovery. They recount crossings of borders and a reaching-out for glittering swift and eager as Shooting Stars.

Table of Contents

  • Journey
  • Ode to Transience
  • The Gospel of Ordinariness
  • Answer
  • Evening
  • Beyond
  • Birdsong
  • In a Garden barely awake
  • Precious Moments
  • Renewal
  • Garden of the Heart
  • Silence
  • To approaching Night
  • Melody
  • Epitaph
  • Cycle
  • Choice
  • Symphony
  • Flying Free
  • Epitaph II
  • Dust
  • Images
  • Shimmering Sun
  • Rhythm
  • Conch-Shell
  • Sunlight
  • Reverie
  • Driftwood
  • Vagaries of Wind
  • Epitaph III
  • To a Grain of Rice
  • Destiny
  • Drop of Ocean
  • Midnight Perfume
  • Waiting
  • Farewell
  • Bird Soul Droplet
  • Question
Weight 200 g
Dimensions 22.8 × 15.2 × 0.4 cm

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