Sejarah Kerajaan-Kerajaan Islam Secara Ringkas

Prof. (Adj.) Datuk Dr. Haji Mohd Jamil bin Mukmin
2014. IKSEP.
Softcover, 22.7 cm x 15.2 cm, 146 Pages
Bilingual (in Malay and English), Illustrated
ISBN: 9789832600381


Since the birth of Islam in Makkah on 610 AD till the downfall of Abbasiyah Kingdom in Baghdad City in l258, to the collapsed of Uthmaniah Kingdom in Constantinople in l9l2 and up to the arrival of Western colonials, the historical glory of the Muslims’ power had shaken the world for more than ten centuries.

In that long span of time, the power of lslam spread successfully to the entire Middle Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Southern Asia and South East Asia. The light of Islam did not only illuminate its glory in politics but also in knowledge, education, culture, science and technology. The impressive progress of lslam was due to blessings from Allah to the Muslims who obeyed Allah and in so-doing, discovered all the essence of the concepts reflected in the holy al-Quran and al-Sunnah. This paper is a summarized version extracted from the author’s book Sejarah Perkembangan Islam published in l992.

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