Sarawak Historical Landmarks

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Heidi Munan
2015. Mucow Books Co.
Softcover. 20.9 cm x 23.1 cm, 153 pp
ISBN: 9789671336304


Sarawak Historical Landmarks is a brief, readable summary of the many interesting historical sites tucked away in all parts of Malaysia’s largest State, well illustrated and provided with maps. The reader starts in the west portion of Sarawak, Kuching, and moves inland and eastward to end up in the border regions with the Sultanate of Brunei, and the prehistoric Niah Caves. Sarawak’s capital Kuching with its gracious colonial-style buildings and idyllic kampung is explored, as is the lesser-known hinterland of ancient temples, quaint wooden churches, archaeological sites and old battle fields. Upriver and up-country are the fertile river valleys, dotted with townships and forts dating back to the days of the White Rajahs. Other historical landmarks are cultural markers of Borneo’s indigenous populations – ancient megaliths, dolmens and mysterious carved rocks are still revered, centuries after their originators have faded into history. The author, Heidi Munan, has spent many years researching the material culture, folklore and history of Sarawak. She is well placed to collect solid information as well as illuminating anecdotes, all of which she shares with the reader of this book.

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Dimensions 20.9 × 23.1 × 1 cm

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