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Road To Dawn: Filming in Penang / 《夜‧明》槟城拍摄纪实


Goh Mai Loon & Khoo Salma Nasution
2007. Areca Books
Soft cover, 29 X 21 cm, 56 pages
Full colour, over 200 colour photographs
ISBN: 9789834283452


Road To Dawn: Filming in Penang by Goh Mai Loon & Khoo Salma Nasution 

The movie Road to Dawn (2007) is based on the story of Dr Sun Yat Sen as a revolutionary in Penang, Malaysia, in the year 1910. Although it incorporates fictional elements, the movie is based on historical events.

This is a souvenir album in English/Chinese on the making of Road To Dawn on location in Penang. Road to Dawn is the first China-produced movie to be filmed in Malaysia; it was filmed entirely on location in Penang in August and September 2006. The grand premiere held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on June 28, 2008.

Awards 2007
Hua Biao Award (China’s equivalent to the Oscar) for Most Outstanding Newcomer Scriptwriter – Maezi
Shanghai International Film Festival Media Award for Best Actor –
Winston Zhao
Shanghai International Film Festival Media Award for Most Promising
Newcomer – Wu Yue

The movie brings together a cast and crew from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia.
It stars Taiwanese actor Winston Chao as Sun Yat Sen (historical character)
Angelica Lee Sin Chet as Xu Dan Rong, a Penang Nyonya (fictional character)
Wu Yue as Chen Cuifen, Sun Yat Sen’s second wife (historical character)
and Zhao Zheng as Luo Zhaoling (fictional character).

Produced by: the Shenzhen Film Production Company and the Pearl River Film Company Limited
Executive Producer: Wang Jiangcheng (China)
Director: Derek Chiu Sung Kee (Hong Kong)
Director of Photography: Chan Chi Ying

The project was initiated by Goh Mai Loon of Penang. In the past, other international movies have used Penang as a substitute location –Indochine (1992), Police Story 3 (1992), Paradise Road (1997), Anna and the King (1999) and The Touch (2002); however, Road To Dawn (2007) is the first international movie set in Penang.

Providing a brief historical background on each of the movie locations, the book is richly illustrated, with most of the photographs professionally taken by the official movie photographer Di Jin Sheng.

1 Message from the Honourable Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon, Chief Minister of Penang
3 Message from the Honourable Mr. Teng Chang Yeow, State Executive Councillor
4 Movie development & achievements
6 The Main Cast
8 Message from Derek Chiu
9 Key Pre-Production Crew
10 Penang Locations
12 From History to Movie
13 Sailing to Penang
14 Swettenham Pier
16 Weld Quay Waterfront & Saw Family Godown
18 120 Armenian Street
20 Armenian Street
21 Toh Aka Lane
22 Khoo Kongsi
23 Penang Baba Nonya Culture
24 Pinang Peranakan Museum
28 Town Hall
29 Malaysian Dancers’ Association
30 Municipal Guest House
33 Chinese Recreation Club, Penang Cricket Club
34 Convent Light Street
36 Mahamariamman Hindu Temple
38 Penang Teochew Association
39 E&O Hotel
40 Lone Pine Hotel
42 Loke Mansion
44 Kapitan Keling Mosque, Queen Victoria Clocktower
45 Balik Pulau Malay Kampong House
46 Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, The Mansion, Thirty-Two
47 Cheng Ho Seah, Cheng Ho Hean
48 Vintage Transport
49 Penang Botanic Gardens, Christian Cemetery
50 Lee Sin Chet
51 Winston Chao
52 People Behind The Scenes, crew list
54 Other Supporting Cast
55 Historic Penang
56 Penang Today

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