Protecting Siam’s Heritage

Edited by Chris Baker
2013. Siam Society and Silkworm Books
Soft Cover, 26cm x 18.5cm,  360 pages
150+ colour paintings, maps and engravings
ISBN 9786162150593


The cultural heritage of Siam is exceptionally rich and very distinctive. As everywhere, this heritage is under threat – from the pace of change, from the demands of tourism, from mismanagement, and from neglect. Today there is a growing awareness of the value of Siam’s heritage and the need to protect it. This book is
the first to examine the issues and challenges. The authors of the 20 essays include the pioneers of conservation over the last generation along with the activists of today.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Siam’s Threatened Cultural Heritage
by James Stent

A Brief History of Heritage Protection in Thailand
by Piriya Krairiksh

A Record of Historical Conservation, 1964–2012
by Sumet Jumsai

The Siam Society’s Role in Heritage Protection
by Euayporn Kerdchouay

Long-term Strategies for Thai Heritage Preservation: Civil Roles in Lopburi Province
by Phuthorn Bhumadhon

The Development of Law on Tangible Cultural Heritage: Case of the Law on Ancient Monuments, Antiques, Objects of Art and National Museums
by Rewadee Sakulpanich

Tourism and Heritage: A Tense Relationship
by Surin Pitsuwan

The Crown Property Bureau and Heritage Conservation
by Yongtanit Pimonsathean

Rattanakosin Charter: The Thai Cultural Charter for Conservation
by Chatri Prakitnonthakan

Cultural Rights and Conservation of Old Bangkok
by Tiamsoon Sirisrisak and Natsuko Akagawa 

Reviving the Neglected Heritage of the Rattanakosin Era: The Case of the Old Chao Phraya River Oxbow
by Worrasit Tantinipankul

Reconnecting Bangkok’s Heritage Landscape: Urban Waterways and the Modern City
by Montira Horayangura Unakul

The Crypto-Colonial Dilemmas of Rattanakosin Island
by Michael Herzfeld

Mapping Living Heritage at the Phanom Rung Historical Park: Identifying and Safeguarding the Local Meanings of a National Heritage Site
by Alexandra Denes

Atrocity Heritage Tourism at the “Death Railway”
by Apinya Baggelaar Arrunnapaporn

Heritage Across Borders: The Funerary Monument of King Uthumphon
by Woraphat Arthayukti and Edward Van Roy

Heritage Conservation in Asia: Shifts and Developments, 1972–2012
by H. Detlef Kammeier

Exploring Shared Histories, Preserving Shared Heritage: Penang’s Links to a Siamese Past
by Khoo Salma Nasution

Yangon’s Heritage: Steps Towards Preservation
by Paula Z. Helfrich

Lessons from the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation: International Best
Practices in Thailand
by Richard Engelhardt, Montira Horayangura Unakul and Julia Davies

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