Masjid – Selected Mosques from the Islamic World

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AR Azim A. Aziz
2015. ATSA Architects Sdn Bhd
Hardcover, 21.5 cm by 30.5 cm, 822 pages
ISBN 9789833631018


The idea to produce a compilation of the various mosque architecture in the Islamic world came after I had some trouble finding good comprehensive materials on the subject matter from the perspective of an architect. This project was a way for myself and others with the same interest to learn more about the architecture of mosques that had been built or planned around the Islamic world.

The architects behind behind the design of new or future mosques must always be progressive in their thoughts and must not always be ready to merely replicate past great ‘Islamic’ architecture. The mosque must be produced to become a great structure of its time, to project its current and relevant spirit. – AR Azim. A Aziz

This pictorial book features a selection of the various mosque styles and designs that have been built throughout the past 1,435 years, ever since the formation of Islam in the year 622. The religion has since inspired many great builders and architects to make a statement, which has now become part of history.

Apart from featuring the main mosques, i.e. Masjidil Haram, Masjidil Nabawi, Al-Aqsa Mosque and Ummayad Mosque, many of the mosques chosen to be featured in this monograph were due to its design relevance in history and its architectural styles. Note that there are many other mosques in the world that are worth mentioning, but due to the limitation of space, time and availability of information, the compiler is unable to include all of them.

We often struggle with the true concept of Islamic architecture being part of a modern-day architectural practice, we often do not fully understand the meaning behind its architecture or its history. As a result, we tend to make more copies or design interpretation of buildings that had previously been built rather than creating anything that is original or progressive.

In producing this book, the compilers had to reference many previously written materials and publications. The beautiful illustrations were acquired from various sources – online photo banks, photographers from around the world and by the producers of the book. As much as possible, the compilers try to include floor plans of each of the mosques. The inclusion of Google Maps also helps the reader to understand the context of a particular mosque.

The field of mosque architecture has progressed immensely, taking into account the various influences and cultures throughout the centuries.

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Table of Contents



The Mosque as a Place of Worship

Definition and illustration of the Qibla

Selected Histories of the Various Empires of the World from 3100BC

Historical Timeline

List of the Selected Mosques from the Islamic World



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