Managing Yaa-hoos!


Angela Yap & Ritchie Ramesh
2012. Akasaa Pte. Ltd.
Softcover, 19.8cm x 19.8cm, 183 pages
ISBN 9789810731236

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Does an Idea change the world?

Every revolution began, once upon a time, as an inspired thought: Benjamin Franklin’s discovery of electricity, Bell’s telephone, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Capitalism, Socialism, fair trade, the internet, Facebook. We may not see it, touch it or taste it… but our world was built on the bedrock of Ideas.

This is a book of Ideas. And what better way to shift one’s consciousness than through the power of storytelling.

Throughout history, storytellers exist to awaken the sleeping mind. In China, they frequented tea houses, transforming these shops into the ‘university of ordinary people’; the Islamic Sufis transmit their knowledge solely through stories, in the absence of any book or written text; Indian storytelling has evolved into a distinct art with each region its own style.

In West Africa, griots or singing storytellers, weave social issues with traditional melodies; from South America to Australia, indigenous people conveyed their stories through art on cave paintings.

Though they sit low on the social scale, storytellers hold the mirror to show society its true face. They are so powerful that even military juntas such as the one in Myanmar have sought to imprison comedians and artisans who dare weave social issues into their repertoire.

They have entertained us, challenged social conventions, questioned our assumptions and raised the conscience of all men. We hope this book, with our own brand of storytelling, does justice to that great tradition.

Managing Yaa-hoos! is not a theory of What business is, should or could be. The perspectives here capture the realities of our World – the good, the bad, the ugly. For if We Want change, TRUE change that shakes us to the core of our being, We need to first be awakened to the Wrongdoings and mis-steps of humanity and our implicit role in it.

People say that 2012 marks the end of the World. But apocalypse is far from here. All ancient texts, from Vedic scriptures, holy books and even Mayan and lncan literature point to 2012 as the turning point in consciousness. The end of one Yug or ‘Age’ and ushering in of another.

We, the People, the ‘Nobodies’ in society, have allowed Big Businesses, special interests and Mega Structures to flourish at the expense of our dignity, individuality, creativity and liberty. Isn’t it time we reclaim our destiny?

About the authors:

Angela Yap is an award-winning Social Entrepreneur, Author, Columnist, Ghost Writer and Performance Coach. At age 22, Angela was the youngest to be elected to the Board of Governors for Amnesty International Malaysia. She’s been invited and accepted appointments as an intellectual philanthropist and industry adviser from universities. She worked at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and is co-author of Cities, Citizens & Civilisations and Answering Is An Art. Previously a Strategist with a Big Four firm, she holds a BSc. (Hons) Econs, London School of Economics. She is founder of Akasaa, a social enterprise.

Ritchie Ramesh is the Creative Director behind books such as Spirit of Borneo: Martin & Osa Johnson’s Journey 1920 & 1935, a high-end limited edition coffee-table book which was presented as a gift to dignitaries such as US President Barack H. Obama in June 2011 and the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge by the Chief Minister of Sabah in September 2012. The book was reviewed by Discovery Networks Asia Pacific as “a stunning visual perspective of Borneo”.

Acknowledged by author Michael Backman in bestsellers, The Asian Insider and Inside Knowledge for his insights on outsourcing in Malaysia, the books appeared on the Top 5 list across non-fiction bestseller lists in Asia. He is founder of Avec Communications with over 20 years of experience in entertainment, advertising, public relations and the corporate sector.

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