In the Best of Company: Postcards from the Hajj

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Mike Gibby
2019. Entrepot Publishing.
Hardcover, 23.6cm x 15.9cm, 153 pages
ISBN 9789671700822


Muslim pilgrims have been traveling for Hajj for more than fourteen centuries. How similar, how different have their experiences been? In our changing world, how has the safety and convenience of air travel changed the experience of Hajj?

Gathered here are the thoughts and concerns of Hajjis travelling over the last thousand years by trains, boats and planes, by camel, car or on foot — compared with the experiences of a recent pilgrim to Makkah.

This small book is an attempt to have a conversation with earlier generations of Hajjis, and attempts to answer questions about the changing nature of Hajj.

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Dimensions 23.6 × 15.9 × 1.3 cm