Chinese Chess

Robert Lin
1991. The Alternative Press, Hong Kong
Softcover, 20.9 cm x 14.9 cm, 92 pages
ISBN 9789627335078


Chinese Chess is probably the most popular board game on earth. It is currently estimated that around half a billion people know the game, and of those a hundred million or so play the game on a regular basis. Until recently, knowledge of Chinese Chess was largely restricted to Chinese people in mainland China and overseas Chinese communities like Hong Kong and Taiwan. Learning Chinese chess was seen as an integral part of Chinese culture — like the learning of characters of the Chinese writing system — and Chinese children were typically expected to learn the game at an early age.

Now, for the first time, this game is available to a much wider international audience through an ingenious approach. ln Chinese Chess, renowned Olympic player Robert Lin takes you through a step- by-step introduction to the basics of the game, in a way that will appeal to not only seasoned players of international chess, but also to the general reader.

This is the finest accessible account of Chinese Chess, a fascinating game of war, intrigue and strategy that has a history of some 2,500 years. Compulsive reading — both for players of international chess, and also for students, in the widest sense, of Chinese life and culture.

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 20.9 × 14.9 × 0.6 cm

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