Born to Travel


Jürgen Herbert Friele
2015. Jürgen Herbert Friele, Penang.
Hardcover, 29.7 cm x 23.2 cm, 282 pages
ISBN: 9789671328309


An Unforgettlable Journey Across the Globe

Born to Travel takes the reader on an exploration to the distant corners of the world through more than 65 countries across Asia, Middle  East, Europe, Africa, North America, Central America and South America. Moving from one place to another by plane, bus, train and even a motor home, Friele takes the reader off the beaten path to discover glorious ruins of ancient sites, incredible cities  and even remote islands. Get travel tips and advice to many world renowned destinations and UNESCO World Heritage Sites in exciting travel reports, including two long overland trips and a visit to Easter Island. The chapters of the book broadly place the writer’s travels in chronological order, starting with the most recent. Born to Travel is not only inspiring but also educational.

I have written this book with the idea of sharing some of my journeys with friends and with those who love to travel. Fourteen years ago I was asked to write travel articles for the Penang Club and the Malaysian-German Society in Penang. The space available for me to publish my reports was strictly limited and it took several issues of the club magazine for me to complete just one article. I was surprised at how many people were reading my stories. Some actually used my articles as guides when travelling to those countries I had written about; one well known personality even told me, ‘Whenever I get the Penang Club magazine I read your article first.’ — J. H. Friele

About the author: A passionate traveller and jazz music enthusiast, Jurgen Herbert Friele has travelled far and wide, to most parts of the world. Originally from Germany, Friele has held key positions on several prestigious Corporate Boards and Committees. He came to Malaysia in 1961 and worked for Behn Meyer & Co. Jurgen and his wife, Eileen Khoo, have been residing in Malaysia since 1994.

Editorial review

Part travel guide, part educational resource, and part good storytelling, Born to Travel is definitely inspirational … comprising 25 chapters ― over 28O pages peppered liberally with nearly 800 photos, maps, and other images that really help bring the text to life. lf you like to travel, this is a terrific book to sit down with ― perhaps to inspire your own travels, or perhaps to just revel in the tales of one expat who has spent a lifetime exploring the world. — The Expat, Sept 2016.

Born To Travel, a new book by Jürgen Herbert Friele, whisks readers away to ancient sites, incredible cities and remote islands in various corners of the world. It charts the passionate traveller’s journeys to over 65 countries across Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa, as well as North, South and Central America, over the years. — The Star, 14 May 2015

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