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“The Planter’s Bungalow” Review March 3, 2013 – Posted in: Reviews

Review by Simon Hutchinson On first seeing this handsomely produced, lavishly illustrated book one would take it for one of those ‘coffee-table’ volumes displayed for visitors to admire and perhaps glance through rather than actually read.   The title may suggest an almost eccentric specialization (Book about bungalows?! Who on earth would want to read it?’) but open this book at any page and you will be drawn into a fascinating journey through once familiar times…

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“Going back in Time”: A Review for Planter’s Bungalow – Posted in: In The News

Call it a consummate passion or, simply, a labour of love, but for the past five years, retirees Datuk Peter Jenkins and his wife Waveney have travelled through hundreds of miles of English, Scottish and Malaysian highways and laterite tracks, and shuttled between their Isle of Man and Pahang homes, to conduct countless interviews, pore over documents and eventually  amass 1,200 photographs. All this for a book called The Planter’s Bungalow: A Journey down the…

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