Cultural Souvenirs

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Batek-Lah produces hand-made batek with unique designs in their own workshop.  The firm has its own manufacturing and production line. Batek-Lah was established in the 1980s and specializes in 100% genuine Malaysian batek. Choose from a variety of good-quality products and up your fashion quotient!

 Loka Made

These creative pop-up postcards by Loka Made make the best gifts for any occasion. Founded in Malaysia in 2015, the Loka Made team puts a twist of creative imagination to all things unique to Malaysia.

Josh Lee

Joshua Lee was one of the first to come up with a scent for George Town – a light summery fragrance which reminds one of the sea and spices. His range of perfumes celebrate everything unique about George Town and Peranakan culture – a perfect gift to take back home!

 Heritasia Hand Crafts

Studio Howard 

Studio Howard has made a name for itself with its unique photographs that capture the essence of Penang. These postcards and note cards are a must-buy for those wishing to take a part of Penang back home.

Penang Patchouli Soap

Shasha Handmade Studio



More than 50 years ago, before there were supermarkets or 7/11s, the ottokedai played an important role as the neighbourhood convenience stall in the inner city of George Town. The ottokedai is a tiny little store, usually a small extension to a building or found under a tree, that sells newspapers, sweets, snacks and toys.

For graphic designer Goh Hun Meng, growing up in the inner city meant all his happy memories of getting treats are tied to the ottokedai down the street from his house. So as a tribute to the ottokedai of George Town, Goh and his business partner, Go Ka Wei, opened their own Ottokedai ― a space for local designers, artists and crafters to display and sell their products.

Kuen Stephanie

“I hope to recapture the seemingly nostalgic days where beauty is the simplicity of life.”

Kuen Stephanie (1967) graduated in Commercial Art, M.I.A in 1987. She ventured into fine art painting (oils and acyrlic medium) in 2000. Her art explores the rich textures of the multi-ethnic Malaysia that she grew up in. She’s particularly interested in the rural facets of Malaysian life. Bold, vibrant colours capture the bedrock of family, friends and relationships that are the nostalgic memories of Malaysia’s early years.


Malaysian artist Kate captures a collection of vintage, classic architectures through her brush and canvas. Kate draws in her tiny island home and is often seen walking the old streets in town for a dose of nostalgia.


Cheang Wood Art

A durian opener, tai chi swords and key holders are just a few of the many things that Cheang Kok Choy can carve out of wood. A former English language teacher, Cheang developed an interest in crafting objects out of wood when he took on woodcraft as his optional subject during his student days in Kirkby, Liverpool.

Being an environmentalist himself, he carves most of his items out of recycled wood. “Instead of discarding unwanted wood, I recycle the pieces and turn them into nice and usable items,” said Chang during an interview with The Star. Check out some of his original creations below.


The Star Newspaper

The Star was first published on 9 September 1971 as a regional newspaper based in Penang. It went into national circulation on 3 January 1976 when it set up its new office in Kuala Lumpur. In 1978, the newspaper headquarters was relocated to Kuala Lumpur and in 1981, it moved again to Petaling Jaya. Check out some of the cool STAR-themed souvenirs we have on sale.