The Wisdom of the Ancients


Robert Roskind
2014, Public Media Agency (PMA)
Softcover. 16.8 cm x 12 cm, 66 pages
ISBN 9789671298329

Product Description

A critical analysis of two world-scale cultures — cooperative and competitive — is presented here by Robert Roskind. This study is based on his personal 45 years spiritual journey, and the stories and wisdom collected through his travels with diverse indigenous elders, including Hopi, Havasupai, Iroquois, Mayan, and Rasta Elders. Our planet is experiencing a quantum transformation with the expansion of the competitive culture, which with its built-in design is making our future unsustainable. The author helps us to look back to an age when societies were designed to bring out the best in their people while enchancing their health and happiness; when people were cared for from cradle to grave; when leaders truly were the servants of the people; when each person found their true calling and offered this to others, and when everything was free, and humans, like all other species, did not have to pay to live on the planet. Roskind urges us to make a choice — at planetary level.

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