Winged Wonders in Malaysia


Hum Kim Choy
2004. Lingo Company.
Hardcover, 28.5cm x 24.5cm, 160 pages
ISBN 9834178700

Product Description

By Hum Kim Choy

Winged Wonders in Malaysia is the culmination of about twenty years of bird watching and bird photography. Without exception, all the bird photographs have been taken in the wild, i.e. in their natural habitat and environment. The photographer is very protective of all birds, particularly those that are nesting. He has strictly ensured that, in photographing the birds, there is very minimal stress and disturbance to them, as the welfare of the birds is more important than the photographs.

Having enjoyed the hobby of bird watching and bird photography all these years, the photographer has, through the urging of his family and friends, finally decided to share his enjoyment, his vision and wonderful experiences, as captured through his camera lenses, in this coffee table book, with the ardent hope, that more people take up the hobby of bird watching and bird conservation. May the beauty in these photographs cultivate and nurture an appreciation for these WINGED WONDERS. May we protect and conserve their babies for our children and their children’s children.

The book is a companion to its sequel, Winged Wonders: Malaysian Heritage (2015).

About the Author

Hum Kim Choy has always been a teacher and a naturalist. He retired as a formal teacher 16 years ago. As a teenager, he had experimented in the devleoping and printing of the black-and-white photographs, in school. His passion for the photography has not waned over all these years, but in actual fact, he has developed into an avid birder.

He enjoys travelling and has taken his photography to ‘greater’ heights, climbing the Pinnacles (Gunung Api) of Sarawak, Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal and the Dzongri mountains of Sikkim, India.

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