Web Wisdom


Nic Sim & Krista Goon
2016. Redbox Studio
Softcover, 21 cm x 14 cm, 246 pages
ISBN 9789671417300

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Product Description

Web Wisdom, also known as The Definitive Guide to Getting Customers With Your Website Even If They’re 10,000 km Away is a specific and in-depth how-to book that helps entrepreneurs and business owners leverage their websites for marketing results and growth. Most websites fail because they’ve never been developed for marketing. Entrepreneurs and business owners will learn how to improve their websites and boost their chances for success online. This book also covers important topics for online marketing such as organic search engine optimisation, email marketing, social media marketing and content marketing. It reveals step-by-step approaches, insider tips and valuable shortcuts to help entrepreneurs improve their online marketing strategy immediately. The authors wrote this book based on their extensive experience in strategising and developing business websites – websites which have helped their clients attract prospects, convert them into customers and grow profits since 1998.

About the authors:

Nic Sim is the CEO of RedboxStudio.com, a web design and marketing services firm in Penang, Malaysia. He developed the One Mountain One Dragon system based on Wing Chun, a Chinese martial art, to help clients become the undisputed heroes of their industries. He invents games for business and conducts master classes on successful entrepreneur mind-sets.

Krista Goon is the content strategist and partner at Redbox Studio. Her superpower is producing heart-centred. authentic marketing stories for her clients. These powerful stories transform web visitors into customers for her clients. Besides writing, she regularly speaks about technology. marketing and entrepreneurship. She also co-founded WomenBizSENSE, an association for women entrepreneurs in Penang.

Editorial reviews

A good quality website conveys the heart and brand of a company and differentiates the business more effectively. This book is the perfect start up guide for you if you’ve ever wondered why some websites win and others don’t. A truly informative yet constructive book. Highly recommended. Jayanthi Chandrasegaran, General Manager, Regus Group Penang

The book is truly what all businesses need to devour. Almost all, if not all businesses have websites and we know after years of paying for the domain name, the ROI from having a website is reduced to just that, having a presence on the internet. The book highlights the true purpose of having a website, as a marketing machine to help us win in the game of business. It is an insightful read as it brings clarity to the true value of an excellent website, one that visitors and , potential clients say yes to. It brings us back to the fundamental reason why we need to have a powerful website as explained in the book. For this reason alone, everyone should own this book. Sharifah Raudhah Alqudsy, Founder; Face to Face Technology

An easy-to-read and practical business book for entrepreneurs and marketers who struggle to create a successful website or make it even better! Authors’ experiences, real-life case studies and best practices in this book should be adopted by every entrepreneur who wants to succeed online. Alex Lee, Director of Programme Promotion, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman Malaysia

Do you want a website that’s made for marketing? Does your current website merely show off or does it establish your expertise and credibility? Is your content turning people off or turning prospects into loyal customers? Do you know the biggest reasons most websites fail so you can avoid joining them? Do you want to learn the secrets of successful websites and how to incorporate them into your own website? Web Wisdom not only provides the answers but also gives you practical case studies that the authors have gleaned from 18 years of hands-on website design experience in Malaysia and overseas to help transform your website into a winner without making costly mistakes! Web Wisdom is a valuable asset to ensure your website lives up to its promise of turning your small, local business into a global enterprise. Robert Raymer, Creative Writing Workshop Facilitator, Editor & Author of Lovers and Strangers Revisited, Tropical Affairs and Spirit of Malaysia

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