Unsung Heroes in Tamil School Education

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Vishalache Balakrishnan
2013. University of Malaya Press
Softcover, 22 cm x 14 cm, 76 pages
ISBN 9789831006221


Unsung Heroes in Tamil School Education represents the “blood and sweat” of the many educators who spent tireless hours, energy and dedication into educating the young in mind, heart and body. lt speaks about the many unique, dynamic educators who were passionately performing their vocation to the utmost of their ability. They were special in their own ways and that is why they have been selected to be heard and shared in this book.

The aim of this book is to share with readers the creativity, talent, vision, steadfastness, passion and other values and virtues that several educators shared to be learnt and reflected by all. These chosen educators are mostly in their golden era, one had passed on and several still active in their own ways, developing and shaping the young ones. Originally the book was biographic in nature but as how coal forms into crystal and later into diamond, the data collected just transformed into writing that pours knowledge and wisdom as in the current state.

The educators highlighted in this book are just a spark among hundreds of others who have played vital roles in the development of Tamil school students throughout Malaysia. Not only have they themselves flourished in their own career and personal development but they also brought about great transformations in the hearts and the minds of students. They enlightened the learning environment in schools with great teaching pedagogies, were creative and innovative in their day to day duties and most of all left their legacies in different aspects of the teaching profession. They were hardly recognised by many but nevertheless, their legacies are still talked about and remembered by their students and colleagues. These individuals were deeply researched and analysed by current Tamil educators who some are mentees of these legends. Each educator highlighted in this book has his or her own specialty and that particular specialty would be highlighted in the chapters accordingly. The purpose of this is to share with scholars, lay people and anyone interested in education about impact of educators and how educators can actually transform the world in their own special ways. There is no need to wait for policy changes or promotions but with some effort and sincerity, educators can make a difference to the students’ lives if they are passionate with what they believe in.

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