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Traditional Trades of Penang 槟城老行业

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Chin Yoon Khen
2014. Areca Books
Soft cover. 25.4 cm x 17.8 cm, 248 pages
Over 500 colour photographs
Language: Chinese & English
ISBN: 9789675719172


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Constructing a trishaw, embroidering the Nyonya kebaya, sculpting dragon joss sticks and decorating the kavadi… Penang’s artisans ply an astonishing range of age-old trades that underpin the traditional lifetyles of the local community. In Traditional Trades of Penang, Chin Yoon Khen takes the reader on a remarkable journey through the streets of George Town, Ayer Itam and Balik Pulau to explore the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of this multicultural island. Featuring over 500 full-colour photographs accompanied by descriptive texts in English and Chinese, the book highlights people, products and processes in a vivid detail, offering a rare glimpse into traditional  trades, crafts and occupations that have endured through the ages.

制造三轮车、缝绣娘惹可峇雅、捏塑大龙香、彩绘卡瓦迪……槟城的老行业种类繁多,从事这些老行业的师傅凭着传统手工艺,为槟城传统文化与生活方式的延续奠下基础。陈永健的《槟城老行业》带领我们穿梭乔治市、亚依淡和浮罗山背的大街小巷,寻访历经岁月的淘洗而流传下来的老行业,认识其中所蕴藏的丰富多元的物质与非物质文化遗产。本书透过中英文和逾 500 帧全彩照片,介绍多位手工艺师傅和他们的手工制品及制作过程,让我们一窥槟城老行业和传统手工业的风貌。


About The AuthorKhen

Chin Yoon Khen studied information technology at Kolej Damansara Utama (KDU), Penang before working as a systems analyst at Intel.  In 2011, he founded a small start-up, Cekap Media, to develop a content-rich local business website enhanced by crowd-sourced reviews and social networking. He became passionate about documenting and highlighting the people, processes and products associated with the traditional trades of Penang. While pursuing this passion, he supported himself by free-lancing as a photographer and website developer for two years before going back to a regular salaried job. He is currently a project management advisor at Dell. He continues to develop innovative approaches to presenting Penang’s traditional trades to the world, such as through e-books and websites.


Table of Contents 目录

Preface 自序
Introduction 前言

Silversmithing 打银
Nyonya Kuih Production 做娘惹粿
Dhoby 洗衣
Seal Engraving 篆刻
Kavadi Making 制作卡瓦迪
Dragon Joss Stick Making 制龙香
Rattan Chair Weaving 编藤椅
Tenun Weaving 织布
Paper Making 造纸
Soap Making 制肥皂
Chinese Dough Figurine Craft 捏面人
Wire Egg Basket Making 编铁丝鸡蛋篮
Spring Roll Skin Making 做薄饼皮
Songkok Making 缝制宋谷
Traditional Pillow, Mattress and Bolster Making
Carving Wooden Deities (Ang Kong)
Cooling Face Powder Production 制水粉
Electroplating 电镀
Mahjong Tile Making 制麻将牌
Crafting Leather Puppets 制皮影戏偶
Traditional Batik Craft 制峇迪布
Clog Making 做木屐
Perfume Making 调制香水
Kebaya Sulam Craft 缝制可峇雅
String Hoppers Production 制作普都玛炎
Indian Goldsmithing 印度打金
Rattan and Cane Weaving 编藤
Kim Hua Craft 做金花
Traditional Shoe Making 制鞋
Crafting Beaded Shoes 珠绣
Spice Milling 磨香料
Crafting Teochew-Style Festive Lanterns 制作潮州灯笼
Chinese Brush Painting 画水墨画
Facial Threading 挽面
Chinese Picture Mounting 装裱字画
Ancestral Tablet Making 刻神主牌
Paper Effigy Craft (Effigy of the
Seventh Sister’s Basin) 纸扎(制作七姐盆)
Tombstone Engraving 刻墓碑
Bamboo and Wooden Blind Making 制作竹木卷帘
Calligraphy 写书法
Eye Cleaning 洗眼睛
Wooden Signboard Engraving 刻牌匾
Lantern Making 扎灯笼
Antique Repair 修古董
Cast Net Mending 补渔网
Joss Stick Making 制香
Candy Floss Production 制作棉花糖
Traditional Soy Sauce Making 酿酱油
Funeral Banner Making 缝制挽轴
Henna Art 指甲花彩绘
Trishaw Making 制作三轮车
Kolam Art 绘制米粒图
Anchor Making 打船锚
Flower Garland Weaving 制作花环

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