Trade and Society in the Straits of Melaka: Dutch Melaka and English Penang, 1780 – 1830

Nordin Hussin
2006. NUS Press Singapore
Soft cover. 22.9cm x 15.2cm, 388 pages
ISBN No: 9789971693541


Trade and Society in the Straits of Melaka: Dutch Melaka and English Penang, 1780 – 1830 draws on a large volume of archival records, many of them not used by earlier historians. The book examines the social and economic fabric of two the very different port cities: Melaka and Penang. Along the way, the author gives consideration to urban morphology, demographic characteristics and migration, property rights, and slave ownership, and a detailed account of shipping practices in the Straits cities. By documenting the impact of imperialist ambitions on the economy and society of two major trading centres, this book breaks new ground and will provide a point of reference for all future research concerning the period.

Trade and Society in the Straits of Melaka is the winner of the International Convention of Asian Scholars (ICAS5) Colleagues Choice Award!

Editorial Reviews

“This is a genuine pioneering study of Malaysian urban history that breaks much new ground. At its best it is a fine-grained social history of which we have seen far too little in Southeast Asia.” Professor Tony Reid, former Director, Asia Research Institute, Singapore

“…an impressive piece of research and a formidable work of reference.” A.V.M Horton, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society

“… a mine of precious data framed by thoughtful and thought-provoking theoretical appraisals.” Janice Stargardt, ASEASUK News

About the Author

Nordin Hussin is currenty Deputy Director of the Institute of Occidental Studies (IKON), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations
Currencies, Weights and Measurements
1: The Straits of Melaka and the Trading World
2: The Geography and Trade of Melaka, 1780-1830
3: The Geography and Trade of Penang, 1786-1830
4: Trade in the Straits: Melaka and Penang, 1780-1830
5: Urban Traditions, Geography and Morphology
6: Population Growth in Melaka and Penang, 1780-1830
7: Dutch Urban Administration in Melaka
8: British Urban Administration in Penang
9: Melaka Society, 1780-1830
10: Penang: a Port-town of Migrants, 1786-1830
11. Conclusion

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