Tapir tale: Tip Toe Tapir by Kim Hon-min


Kim Han-min
2014. Clarity Publishing Sdn. Bhd.
Colour illustrations
ISBN No: 9789671157534

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Tapirs are an endangered or vulnerable animal species inhabiting jungle and forest regions of South America, Central America, and Southeastern Asia. The animal’s closest relatives are the other ‘odd-toed ungulates’, including horses and rhinos.

Tip Toe Tapir is a simple tale about two tapirs. It is written in a style reminiscent of Vikram Seth’s Beastly Tales from Here and There and Raold Dahl’s Dirty Beasts.

In Tip Toe Tapir, a baby and its mother’s day turns topsy-turvy when a leopard and mean old hunter turn up unannounced on baby’s birthday. Follow Baby Tapir and Mummy Tapir, through catchy verses and colourful illustrations as they plan their getaway from the nasty predator. The ending has a surprise twist!

About the author of ‘Tip Toe Tapir’

Kim Hon-min was born in Seoul in 1979. His books include To Euripides, Wungo and The Pink River Dolphin and Stop.  His interest in nature and animals inspired him to create the lovable Mummy and Baby Tapir. His childhood experiences  of living in Sri Lanka, Denmark and Peru combined with his passion for car maintenance are all merged into his works.

Dressed with simplicity yet filled with allegory, this book is a neat little tale that will be enjoyed by all ages. (From our newsletter)

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