Those Were The Days

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Jürgen Herbert Friele
2017. Jürgen Herbert Friele, Penang.
Hardcover, 24.4 cm x 16.9 cm, 165 pages
ISBN: 9789671328316


Those Were The Days filled with joy, laughter and good memories. This collection comprises 50 short stories set in Malaysia during the 1950s to the 1970s. Carefully constructed and delivered with a lot of heart, these uplifting stories are still relatable until today. Friele’s lively narrative revolves around his colourful experiences featuring a touch of history and nostalgia. From the moment he arrived in Malaya, his eventful days were dotted with a host of sentimental, hilarious and crazy moments. The author’s love for this magical era shines through, along with his in-depth observations and insights. With the author’s unique voice interspersed with a myriad of emotions, this collection offers an unforgettable stroll down memory lane.

Over the years I have collected very many short stories of the period and feel that they must not be lost in unrecorded history but should be preserved as a portrait of a magic and bygone era. l have included some short stories which are not “funny, crazy and weird” which relate to the same period and which are surely of interest, too. As a pictorial supplement l have added more than lOO photos and images from my personal collection in the section “Down Memory Lane” covering the period from the late l94Os to the l97Os. My wish is to share these images of the past with friends and with future generations who may be interested in this past. l have Written the book as a hobby and with no commercial aspect in mind.

About the Author: A passionate traveller and jazz music enthusiast, Jürgen Herbert Friele has travelled far and wide, to most parts of the world. Originally from Germany, Friele has held key positions on several prestigious Corporate Boards and Committees. He is well known and respected in Penang for his invaluable contributions and patronage. Jürgen is happily married to Eileen Khoo, who accompanies him on some of his journeys. He came to Malaysia in 1961, then still called Malaya, and worked for Behn, Meyer & Co. Jürgen and his wife have been residing in Penang since 1994.

Weight 550 g
Dimensions 24.4 × 16.9 × 1.0 cm

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