The Tropical Malaysian House 1


Robert Powell, Lin Ho (Photographer)
2019. atelier
Hardcover 25.7 cm x 24.7 cm x 2.9 cm
Colour, Illustrated, photographs
ISBN : 9789671636107

Product Description

A luxurious showcase of 25 houses featured in this book illustrate some of the most innovative and engaging residential projects by architects and designers in Malaysia covering the decade between 2009 and 2018. The houses in the book underscores a strong ecological message on what defines a modern ‘tropical’ house. It will also serve as a guide for anyone embarking on building an ecologically-friendly home.

Featured Architects

Lee Cherng Yih (Formzero)
John Bulcock (Design Unit)
Ang Boo Chung (WHBC Architects)
Wen Hsia Ang (WHBC Architects)
Adela Askandar (Studio Bikin)
Farah Azizan (Studio Bikin)
Chan Mun Inn (Design Collective Architects)
Chan Mei Chun (Design Collective Architects)
David Chan (Design Collective Architects)
Chan Chin Yeow (CY Chan Architect)
Dr Tan Loke Mun (DRTANLM Architect & Archicentre)
Dato’ Dr. Ken Yeang (T R Hamzah & Yeang)
Huat Lim (ZLG Design)
Susanne Zeidler (ZLG Design)
Leong Yew Kooi (GSD Architect)
Dr Eleena Jamil (EJ – Architects)
Kenny Chong (A3 Projects + Kenny Chong Architect)
Ho Choon Sin (A3 Projects + Kenny Chong Architect)
Ken Wong (Unit One Design)
John Ding (Unit One Design)
Shin Chang (Mentahmatter Design)
Penny Ng (Mentahmatter Design)
Wooi Lok Kuang (Wooi Architect)
René Tan (RT&Q Architect)
Quek Tse Kwang (RT&Q Architect)
Wong Wei Ping (Tetawowe Atelier)
Tey Tat Sing (Tetawowe Atelier)
Lim Wei Min (Tetawowe Atelier)

About the Authors

Robert Powell is a Professor of Architecture at Taylor’s University, Selangor, Malaysia. He was previously Associate Professor of Architecture at the National University of Singapore. He is the author/editor of more than 30 books, principally on architecture in Southeast Asia. His publications include Living Legacy (1994), Singapore: The Architecture of a Global City (2000), The New Malaysian House (2008), Contemporary Houses in the Philippines (2014) and The New Sri Lankan House (2015). From the 1990s, Powell is widely credited with bringing Southeast Asian architecture to the attention of a global audience.

An accomplished professional photographer, Lin Ho has specialised in the architecture and interiors genre for the last 20 years. He has collaborated with renowned international and local architects, interior designers and reputable property developers. He is also a frequent contributor to international architecture publications, in both print & digital media. Previous book projects include The Straits Chinese, The Residences of HRH Sultan Azlan Shah and Tropical Garden Design.

Additional Information

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 25.7 x 24.7 x 2.9 cm