The Penang Durian Guide榴莲王国:槟城国王吃游手本

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Lindsay Gasik and 张丽珠
2017. Heitu Design
Softcover, 19 cm x 18.5 cm, 225 pages
ISBN: 9789671392119


When you’ve come all the way to Penang, never ever join the swarm of tourists eating Musang King durian, or you will leave with a ton of regrets.

槟城的榴莲很出名,源自于不同的榴莲口味。这个岛上面有20种截然不同的榴莲品种,每个品种都有其独特的味道。有酒味、稍微有点苦涩的,润滑如丝的带有酒味的红虾,还有类似花生黄油一样黏黏的Hor Lors(榴莲品种),巧克力坚果口味的Kun Pohs(榴莲品种),你需要边吃边舔你的手指。
Penang durians are famous for its unique taste. With over 20 different varieties on the island alone, each one having a different flavour: The slightly bitter and fermented-tasting, yet silky smooth Red Prawn; the peanut butter-like stickiness of Hor Lors; and the chocolate hazelnut flavour of Kun Pohs will have you licking your fingers at the end of the feast.

槟城虽然在地图上的位置看起来很小,但也需要几天的时间去不同地区的品尝不同口感的榴莲。在波光粼粼的海岸上尝试Capri(榴莲品种),高山上的Red Prawns(榴莲品种)、长在山底深谷的Kun Poh(榴莲品种),从山顶抛洒万斛珍珠,溅起千朵银花的瀑布会诱引你去畅游这榴莲的沐浴之中。
Penang may look tiny on the map, but tasting the different durian varieties will take you several days across different areas of the island. Try the Capri of the sandy beaches, the Red Prawn of the high hills, the Kun Poh of the deep valleys, indulging yourself in their rich textures and richer flavour.

This book will not only take you into the world of durians, but also turn you into the finest durian connoisseur around. In its contents, you will discover:

How to pick a good durian and avoid the shams; how to identify a durian’s variety entirely through observation of its physical characteristics; how to visit organic durian orchards and learn the story of the durian; the origin of its name, its breeder, and its rise to fame in Penang.

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Dimensions 19 × 18.5 × 1.5 cm

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