The Painted World of Khoo Sui Hoe

Lee Khai
2007. Penang State Museum & Art Gallery
Hardcover, 29.2cm x 23.3cm, 317 pages, 
200+ colour illustrations
ISBN: 9789834237615


From Introduction: There are two main parts to this book. The first part showcases 200 paintings including the 70 selected for the exhibition with the main text written by Lim Chong Keat in the lead and interspersed with articles and reviews on Sui Hoe written by various persons over the years. The last part is a chronological biography put together after many pleasurable hours conserving with Sui Hoe and enlivened with photographs from Sui Hoe’s own collection.

Weight 1850 g
Dimensions 29.3 × 23.4 × 2.7 cm

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