The Malaysian Economy: Structures and Dependence


Martin Khor &  Kok Peng
2019, Institut Masyarakat & Third World Network
Softcover, 24.7 cm x 15.1 cm, 296 pages
ISBN: 9789670747347


This book provides an analysis of the structures of the Malayan and the Malaysian economies using the perspective of dependence.

It analyses the structures of dependence in colonial Malaya established by the British during the colonial era, in foreign ownership of key sectors, in trade, finance, the public sector and technology. Estimates are provided on the amounts of surpluses transferred out of colonised Malaya under British rule.

The book then examines the post-colonial situation, as continuity as well as changes took place after Independence. It provides details on and changes in ownership and control of the Malaysian economy, and in trade, finance and technology-related issues. Methods by which economic surpluses have been transferred out of the economy and the large amounts are meticulously described.

The framework used in this book distinguishes it from other works on the performance and transformation of the Malaysian economy. The present economy has many elements of the structures and dynamics described. This book is thus essential reading for those interested in knowing how the Malaysian economy was shaped in the colonial and post-colonial periods, and many of the features that characterise the present economy.

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