The Living Machines: Malaysia’s Modern Architectural Heritage


Azaiddy Abdullah, Nor Hayati Hussain & Veronica Ng Foong Peng
2015. Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia
Softcover. 29 cm x 23 cm, 359 pages
ISBN 9789675264122


The intention of this book is to bring to the fore the unique architectural heritage that has long suffered benign neglect. The term ‘heritage’, for all intents and purposes, is a term that refers to historical events or objects, tangible as well as intangible, that weighs heavily upon the collective conscience of the people and together with culture forms the backbone of a nation’s identity; whether consciously or maybe otherwise. Malaysia’s Modern Architectural Heritage refers to the tangible heritage of the man-made or built-environment that spans roughly four decades from the 1940s era of post-World War ll, through the late 1950s period of Independence or Merdeka to the zenith of the Modernist style in the 1980s. Malaysia’s Modern Architectural Heritage can be categorised as

  • Early Modern or ‘International Style’
  • Regional Modern
  • Brutalist Modern
  • Mid-century Modern
Weight 1750 g
Dimensions 29 × 23 × 2.0 cm

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