The Jungle Is Neutral: A Soldier’s Three-Year Jungle Escape from the Japanese Army


F. Spencer Chapman
2014. Marshall Cavendish Editions
Softcover. 21.5cm x 14cm, 347 pages
ISBN: 9789814516389



In 1942, After just 70 days of desperate fighting, what was left of the British Army had surrendered. The British Empire was on its knees. And so begins the Japanese Occupation of terror. But, In the depths of the harsh Malayan jungle, a small group of courageous British officers remained behind. Their mission: to train the native guerrilla forces and to battle on. The Jungle Is Neutral is Spencer Chapman’s incredible story of his three years in the jungle. A moving, unforgettable saga of deadly encounters with the enemy, fortitude, horrifying diseases, death, and ultimately, victory.

Editorial Reviews

“Fascinating…a thrilling story in a brave man’s life.”   The New York Times

“One of the greatest of war stories of individual enterprise and adventure.”  Daily Express

“Well-written…filled with fascinating information and exciting adventures.”  The Nation

About the Author

Frederick Spencer Chapman was born in 1907. He read English and History at Cambridge. Taking part in expeditions to Greenland and to Himalaya, Chapman made the first ascent of Chomolhari, in 1937. After Dunkirk, he was assigned to a Special Training Centre as a Commando instructor. In September 1941 he was posted to Malaya to help organise local resistance against the impending Japanese invasion. It was the beginning of his career as a truly outstanding strategist of guerrilla warfare. His four thrilling, danger-filled years spent in the jungle with the Malayan People’s Anti-Japanese Army are the theme of The Jungle Is Neutral.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Field-Marshall Earl Wavell
1.  War Comes to Malaya
2.  Reconnaissance Behind the Japanese Lines
3.  Stay-behind Parties
4.  The Mad Fortnight
5.  A Chapter of Perilous Journeys
6.  We Join the Chinese Guerillas
7.  Skirmish on the King’s Highway
8.  The Menchis Guerillas
9.  The Bandit Camp in Johore
10. Jap Trouble in Negri Sembilan
11. Force 136
12. Search Party Through the Mountains
13. Capture
14. Escape
15. Traitor-killing Camp
16. A Year of Frustration
17. We got on the Ai
18. The Submarine Pick-up
19.  Return to Malaya


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Dimensions 21.5 × 14.0 × 1.9 cm

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