The Art of Making Wau Bulan Shafie Jusoh


Hamidah Binti Abdul Rahman, Mohd Firdaus Bin Mohd Herrow, Nizar Bin Nazrin & Farah Merican Binti Isahak Rahman
2016, UMK.
Hardcover, 25.3 cm x 30.3 cm, 71 Pages.
ISBN: 9789670955056


Making traditional craft like the wau is an art worth preservation. Yet sadly, this art is slowly dying as younger generations tend to adore western cultures more that their own. A wau is not an ordinary kite that is put in air just for fun; it is an art that focuses on aesthetic design and cultural content of the Malays. The designs and cultural contents behind the motifs of the wau mark the winning points to art appreciators as well as being the winning point in competitions. Motifs are apparently influenced by Malay wood carvings and many believe that an elaborate symbolism connects the kite to the human soul and to the operation of shamanism and magic. Looking at frequent used motifs like ‘awan larat”, this motif symbolizes a slow and smooth hand dancing as well as continuity of human’s life. Shafie Jusof, International renown Wau maker shared his experiences and knowledges of Wau making.

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